Lunch at work, without the work

You look away from your computer screen to glance over at your phone and notice it’s already 12:30 PM. Sure you made the work deadline, but you got so caught up with it that you forgot to order lunch again! Looks like it’s too late to order now – you’re already starving and have that meeting in half an hour! You could walk over to that nearby café? But it’s overpriced and always packed at lunch-time. You’ll never make it back in time. Let’s face it, you’ll end up getting that same crusty sandwich from the office vending machine or worse still, cave and order that McKFCDelivey rubbish…you’re already feeling guilty aren’t you!?

We get it – we’ve all been there! Lunch doesn’t need to be a chore though, and it doesn’t need to be boring or expensive either – not with LUNCH:ON, that is.


What is LUNCH:ON, anyway?

LUNCH:ON, Dubai’s #1 food-at-work delivery service, makes sure you never have to worry about those midday stomach grumbles again. LUNCH:ON curates a daily menu from the best restaurants in the city specifically for your company. Our system even learns your company’s likes and dislikes over time so the menu keeps getting better. With a network of over 200 restaurants and each meal tried and tested by the LUNCH:ON team, you get a great variety of options to make sure lunch is always something to look forward to at the office.

How It Works

Ordering is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Daily Menu – Each morning, we’ll send you your options from our recommended restaurants
  2. Order – If you like what you see, simply place your order by the 11:15 cut off and get on with your day, knowing that lunch has been sorted.
  3. Lunch Arrives – We’ll deliver to your office between 12:30 and 1:00pm. When you’re ready, pick it up and dig in.

That’s it. Simple. Less than 10 seconds to order a delicious, reliable office lunch. No delivery fees, no hassle and you get your lunch at, well…lunch time!


Unlock lunch for 25 AED

Ok, so you like how easy we make things, right? Well how about we make it super affordable too? With LUNCH:ON Pro, our subscription service, you get the same great lunches for just AED 25! That’s a saving of an average AED 10 a meal. We’ll let you do the math over the course of a whole month. Ka-ching! 💰

We’ll give you a 14 day FREE trial of LUNCH:ON Pro so you can experience 25 AED lunch for yourself. If you like it, it’s just AED 39 a month after the trial ends. You can cancel at anytime and even pause your subscription if you’re out of the office for whatever reason. We’ve worked out that you need to order 2-3 times in a whole month to make LUNCH:ON Pro worth it. We eat lunch everyday (no doubt you do too), so see it as a bit of a no-brainer!  

Building a Lunch Culture

You and your colleagues can now use this saved time more productively or use it to finally be able to connect with one another. All of your lunches will arrive at once, so you can take the opportunity to share a meal and squeeze in some informal team-building or hop back to your desk and check more things off your ever-growing to-do list.

How Do I Get Started?

Simple, search for your company and sign up here a view today’s menu.

Can’t find your company? Register a new company and we’ll help get you activated. Once you hit 10 sign-ups at your office, we’ll unlock the menu. So start spreading the word around your office.


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