7 Tips to Healthy Eating at Work

Healthy Eating Made Easy: 7 Tips to Healthy Eating at Work

Are you starving all morning and then binge on an unhealthy and overpriced lunch, that you inhale in 5 minutes? Are you then fighting cravings off by 2 PM so you pop to the local store and buy a chocolate bar and a can of soda? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But if you follow these 7 simple tips you will be on your way to guru-level healthy eating in the office (or at least better than you were before).

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1. Eat Breakfast

Start off your day with a healthy and filling breakfast. (Shameless plug– did you know LUNCH:ON does breakfast too so you can order breakfast at home and it will be at the office waiting for you when you get in! No more, “I didn’t have time to make breakfast” excuses.)

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2. Snack Smart

Have healthy snacks between meals like raisins, nuts, granola bars, vegetable chips, and fruit. This way you can get from one meal to the next and put those cravings to bed. When it comes to lunch, you won’t be starving and can take your time enjoying your meal.

3. Plan Your Lunches

With LUNCH:ON you can order for the week in advance, or order before 11:15am on the day. Planning what you are going to eat before you are hungry means you make better and healthier decisions. Just like your mom said, “don’t go grocery shopping hungry.”

4. Eat Balanced Meals

A tiny salad made up of purely lettuce and cucumbers is not going to be the healthiest option because it won’t fill you up or provide your body with the nutrients it needs to get through the day! Choosing meals for lunch that are balanced will keep you energized and keep your brain working to its full capacity. Check out Soulfull’s meals for great examples of how to eat healthy food that still fills you up and provides you with the nutrients you need.

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5. Variety is Key

Eating the same thing every day is boring, and you are more likely to binge when you are bored of eating the same dish for the fourth day in a row. With LUNCH:ON you have different menu options every day (including Lite options) so you don’t get bored and binge on fast food just because you can’t bear eating that grilled chicken you made at the beginning of the week another day.

6. Hydrate

Did you know you should drink 1.2 liters of water each day according to the NHS? Often, we think we are hungry when we are actually just dehydrated. If you find it hard to drink that much water (we know it feels like a lot), snacking on food with a high-water content can help. Try watermelon or cucumber for a tasty and hydrating snack!

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7. Focus on Your Food

Taking a break from your desk and concentrating on the food you are eating is proven to make you feel fuller. If you eat while you work you are more likely to feel unsatisfied and eat more than you would have if you’d taken a break. It also helps you concentrate and perform better at work (check out our infographic: 5 Reasons You Should Eat Lunch at Work to find out more!)

infographic of 5 reasons you should eat lunch at work.

Following these 7 simple tips can help you avoid those pre and post lunchtime binges that ruin your diet and reduce your concentration at work. What’s your go-to tip for healthy eating throughout the day? Are you an eat lunch at your desk kind of person or are you an advocate for taking a break from the laptop while you eat? Let us know. 

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