Check the Stats: Restaurants and Food Delivery in Dubai

Do you order food from food delivery apps? We’re guessing you do (and hoping LUNCH:ON is one of them!). With the number of restaurants per capita in Dubai second only to Paris, we thought it would be fun to dig up some more of these stats. Some of them are astounding – let us know what you think.

What are your thoughts on these stats? Did they surprise you? Let us know.


KPMG F&B report 2017

KPMG F&B report 2018


Morgan Stanley

The National

Aaron Allen & Associates

“Lunch for AED 25. The UAE’s best restaurants delivered to your office at a fraction of the cost. No minimums, tips, or delivery fees.”

2 comments on “Check the Stats: Restaurants and Food Delivery in Dubai

  1. Phillip pereira

    I think you guys have a great idea .With 25 aed a meal I think this is quite affordable and reasonable. Good job on this !
    I still think you have a market for even cheaper meals for the lower income group. This group exists and there is a huge percentage of them. Once you have captured that market I think your app will do even better . This will expands your app’s operations into even break fast and dinner options .Let me know if you need more information on this ! Cheers

  2. Phillip pereira

    Great job ! I have some ideas for your app if you would like to know more kindly contact me on your email ID .
    Cheers !


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