How to Make Catering Your Event Quick and Easy

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Planning an event is hard, we know. That’s why hiring a caterer (or someone like LUNCH:ON Catering) to find and organize your catering for you is a huge time and stress saver. To make your experience as smooth as possible, we put together a list of questions to consider before reaching out to a caterer, or third-party service, to help make the process quicker and easier!

1. What kind of food are you looking for?

You don’t need to know exactly what you want; the caterer’s job is to help you by giving you options. However, knowing the kind of food you want at your event is extremely helpful. Do you want a full meal for your guests or canapés? Hot or cold food? Will they be eating with their hands or have cutlery? This will help narrow down options and help make the process quicker and easier!

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2. Budget?

Options, portion sizes, and quantity can vary wildly depending on your budget. Having a rough idea of your budget will help your caterer find options that your guests will love and will fit your budget. The more specific you are with your budget the better.

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3. What type of event is it?

Do you need catering for an executive meeting? A casual team lunch? An outdoor event? A health and wellness training? Letting your organizer know about the event means they will be able to find you options that suit that environment and the guests who will be at the event (and eating the food). With this information the options they will supply you with can be tailored specifically to your group, saving you time going back and forth with multiple options. You wouldn’t expect the same food at an executive meeting as an outdoor event, right?

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4. Food restrictions, diets, & allergies?

Your caterer doesn’t need the life story of each of the guests attending your event but knowing if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies in the group is important in providing options that will satisfy all your guests. Is anyone gluten-free? Vegetarian? Vegan? There are always ways to work around restrictions, but they need to know about them first!  

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5. Date of the event?

Knowing the date of your event means that your caterer can secure your order for that day. Otherwise, there is a chance that your preferred option won’t be able to cater for your event even though you already have your heart set on it. Securing the date means securing your preferred catering option.

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6. Any details?

Finally, if you want something specific let them know! Is your event tropical-themed and you want food to match? Ask. Do you need ice cream? Tell them. Would you love a live station? Let them know. Or is your event health-focused? Give them the details. Chances are they will be able to make it happen, but you have to let them know these details in advance. Caterers can work wonders, but they are not mind-readers!

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We know last-minute adjustments happen but the more you can plan ahead of time the better. Having the answer to these 6 simple questions before you start the catering process will help make the whole process smoother for everyone involved. Even if you don’t have answers to all of these, LUNCH:ON Catering can help you think through what you need, can get you options from over 200+ caterers, negotiate on your behalf, and only show you the options that they know you will love. Didn’t know LUNCH:ON did catering? Try us for your next event!

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