Divide Up Your Plate

Wooden plate with two hands on either side and title in the middle (Divide Up Your Plate)

We all know we should be eating greens, not overdoing it with the carbs, and getting a little protein with every meal. What we should be eating for each meal is pretty simple… But exactly how much of each food group is easy to forget (or ignore). You might somewhat remember that old fashioned food pyramid diagram from high school, but research has changed a bit since then. Fear not though! This infographic is here to help you visualize what your plate should look like, in an ideal world, for every meal (although we know that sometimes it’ll look a little more carb-heavy… or should we say donut heavy). Take a look at the infographic below and see what your plate should look like!

It’s all well and good saying this is how your plate should look, but we know it’s not so easy in reality. You don’t need to overhaul your diet all in one go, in fact, experts say that making small changes can have a huge effect on your health. For example, simply drinking water half an hour before you eat a meal can boost your body’s metabolism by 24-30%, according to some studies.

Getting enough sleep is also an easy way to improve your diet. Hear, us out. According to some studies not getting enough sleep can drive insulin resistance and disrupt the hormones that tell us when we’re really hungry. This means that not getting enough sleep can affect how much and what we eat. One study even suggests that poor sleep patterns increase your risk of obesity by 55%.

We know it’s not always easy to eat healthily but making small changes, like swapping your refined carbs for their whole-wheat counterparts or drinking a glass of water before you eat a meal, in time, will have your plate looking more like this, most of the time at least.

Do you have any tips on sticking to a healthy and balanced diet?





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