All the UAE’s Caterers in one Place

All the UAE's Caterers in One Place

Finding catering for an event is hard. Just calling the restaurants or caterers to try and get options and quotes can be a nightmare (you can expect a couple headaches along the way, trust us). Of course, if you want to take the stress out of catering, hiring someone like – oh, I don’t know – LUNCH:ON Catering is the best option. We’ll provide you with all of the best options, communicate with the restaurants for you (and get you the best possible prices), and make sure it all runs smoothly from start to finish. Oh, and all bills are payable after the event. Any event you can think of we can find you catering options you’ll love, at the best price. Check out the list below to see some of the events we can cater for:

1. Birthdays

It’s the day before your boss’s birthday and you remember you haven’t organized a cake for him/her… Don’t worry, even on the same day (yes, we’re that good), we can get you a cake and have it delivered, saving you the embarrassment of a bashed-up supermarket cake.

An artfully decorated cake.

2. In-home Catering

If you’re planning an event in your home, whether it’s a birthday party you don’t have time to cook for, a Game of Thrones marathon you would order delivery for, or a fancy engagement party you don’t even know where to begin to plan for – you’re going to need food for your guests. You could buy all the groceries and spend hours slaving away in the kitchen following an online recipe that ends up tasting and looking a little… off OR you could give LUNCH:ON Catering a call. We organize everything, so you save yourself the hassle of cooking (or ordering overpriced and underwhelming food at the last minute because you burnt your canapés…)   

A platter of cheese, meat, and tomatoes on a wooden board.

3. Corporate Events

You already have a day job, but you’ve been asked to organize food for the office’s big annual event. You need it to be professional, have options for everyone attending, and be sure that on the day it will all run smoothly. That’s a lot of pressure. We know what works, we have over 200 restaurants and caterers in our database and have the team in place to make it happen, without you having to worry about a thing. Impress your bosses while not taking time away from your day to day work. Only need catering for a smaller office event, like a team meeting? Check out number 4…

A buffet of finger food.

4. Team buildings, Lunches, Meetings, & Training Sessions

Food makes everything better and provides an incentive for people to attend, which (let’s face it) is sometimes necessary for office events that aren’t mandatory. The burden of organizing the catering, however, has to fall on someone… and this time that someone is you. Organizing, even small office events like lunches, meetings, and training sessions can be a huge burden even if you only need a platter of sandwiches and some salad. Why? Because inevitably there are two vegetarians, one vegan, a lactose intolerant person and someone on the paganism diet (yes, that’s a real thing). Nightmare. Not if you’re a seasoned professional like LUNCH:ON Catering. With all this information we can provide you with options that should make everyone happy. Job done.

Cakes and pastries laid out with the Dubai skyline in the backgrounf

5. Team Breakfasts

Breakfast food is always a winner, especially in the office. But breakfast catering requires an early riser… or at least someone willing to answer the phone early in the morning. That’s what we’re here for. We don’t just provide you with options, negotiate on your behalf and organize with restaurants or caterers, we also make sure everything is delivered and going smoothly (putting out any fires along the way) so you don’t have to spend your morning stressing about it.

A bowl of croissants.

There are always going to be events to cater for, and there are always going to be things you’d rather do than spend time and energy on the phone to hundreds of restaurants. So, whatever the event, give us a call and we’ll sort it for you. Stress-free catering, who knew?

Do you have an event coming up? Give us a call at 0568924024 or drop our catering manager, an email at [email protected]. If not, refer a friend to LUNCH:ON Catering and get 100 AED!*

*After your referral places their first catering order. Redeemable as a Noon gift card or LUNCH:ON credit.

“Lunch for AED 25. The UAE’s best restaurants delivered to your office at a fraction of the cost. No minimums, tips, or delivery fees.”

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