Avoid the Office Cold with These Immune-boosting Foods

It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school, everyone is back in the office, and the germs are spreading like wildfire. It’s cold and flu season. The weather is cooler (kind of), it’s more humid, and your body just isn’t used to it. There are ways to combat the onslaught of the Fall (or what counts as Fall in Dubai) cold and flu by eating and drinking the right foods. We did some research on immune-boosting food and drinks that will help protect you against the sniffles circulating around the office. See our top picks below:

1. Red Bell Peppers

You already know oranges are a good source of vitamin C, but did you know that red bell peppers are a much better source?  One red bell pepper contains more than the recommended daily amount of vitamin C for women! As we’re sure you know; vitamin C is great for boosting your immunity. Why, because vitamin C increases your white blood cell count, improving your ability to fight off bacteria. So, put down the orange, and start eating some red peppers. For a real vitamin C boost try out the super probiotic wrap from Freshii.  

2. Fresh Fish

Top up your zinc intake by eating salmon for lunch! Zinc is great for strengthening your immune system, which improves your ability to fight off colds and even prevent you from catching them in the first place. After many studies, it appears that you can as much as half your risk of catching a cold if you keep your zinc levels in check. This Poke & Co salmon and tuna burrito is looking even more appealing now…

Salmon and tuna roll from Poke & Co on a blue ceramic plate.

3. Garlic

Garlic has been used for centuries as a home remedy for good reason. It contains immune-boosting properties because of its heavy concentration of sulfur-containing compounds, like allicin. Not only does adding garlic to pretty much any dish make it taste better, but it is also great at fighting infections and reducing blood pressure. This chicken shawarma with garlic dip from Operation Falafel counts, right?  

Box of chicken shawarma with garlic dip, ketchup, and pickle with fries from Operation Falafel.

4. Tea

Okay, so it’s not groundbreaking but tea might be more helpful than you think in curing your cold. And, it’s not just green tea that can help but black tea too! All tea contains flavonoid, an antioxidant that can help your body fight off a cold. Green teas are a little better than black teas when you’re sick because they also contain another powerful antioxidant, epigallocatechin gallate (or EGCG for short). Regardless, sipping on a steaming cup of chai should speed up your recovery and comfort you along the way. We’re big fans of TCHABA tea (some of our PRO users may get a TCHABA tea bag as a treat with their lunch soon!).

5. Ginger

And, if you’re sipping on green tea you might as well add a little ginger to it to make it even more effective. Ginger is known to reduce inflammation, which can help soothe your sore throat and also help with nausea. And, if you don’t want to add it in your tea why not order Yo! Sushi and snack on the side of ginger! 

Plate of assorted sushi with a side of ginger from Yo Sushi!

6. Greek Yogurt

Most yogurts contain probiotics, but Greek yogurt contains more probiotics AND more protein than other yogurts. The other great thing about Greek yogurt is that you can add more immune-boosting ingredients to it as well. For example, fresh fruits and honey will all help boost your immune system and help keep you fighting fit! Start your day off with a probiotic boost from The Breakfast Shops Yo! Gurrl Yogurt.

Glass jar of mango and greek yogurt from The Breakfast Shop.

7. Dark Chocolate

So, say you were unlucky and you caught a cold and its come with a nasty cough, munching on some dark chocolate might help. Now, this may come as a surprise, but according to a few studies, dark chocolate can help make your cough more bearable. The antioxidant, theobromine, found in dark chocolate is known to help suppress that irritating cough you get when you have a cold. There isn’t much research on this yet, but until research tells us otherwise we’ll continue munching on dark chocolate when we have a cold (and when we don’t). Plus, adding a little dark chocolate to your porridge or yogurt in the morning is a nice treat and a healthy boost!

close up of chopped dark chocolate.

Now, we’re not saying you won’t get a cold if you drink chamomile tea and eat a little more fish, but you should be able to fight it off faster or at least suffer a little less in the process. Regardless of the season, all these foods are great for keeping your body fighting fit. You don’t need to consume all of them at once, or only eat Greek yogurt for the rest of your life but adding some of these foods to your diet is sure to help. It’s inevitable that even the healthiest most diet-conscious person will get sick at some point but knowing how to get your body back to tip-top condition will help make the process a little less miserable. What are your go-to superfoods for boosting your immune?

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