The LUNCH:ON Team’s Favorite Lunchtime Dishes: Part 1

The LUNCH:ON teams favorite lunchtime dishes

There are a lot of great restaurants in Dubai and there are a lot of dishes that we at LUNCH:ON love. So, we asked our team members to pick their favorite meal to have for lunch in the office! All our team members are self-confessed foodies, so we got a range of responses! Here are our first six team members favorite dishes (we’ll continue next month with more of the team) :

Wagamama’s Yaki Soba

Corporate Account Manager and trendsetter/ follower, Valerie, picked Wagamama’s Yaki Soba as her go-to lunchtime dish. Noodles are having a moment right now and are filling the screens of millennials’ Instagram feeds making this meal bang on-trend. These noodles are not your average noodles though. They are packed full of flavors from ginger and onions to sesame seed and mushroom. She dares you not to like it (both the taste and its picture on Instagram!)

Yaki Soba from Wagamama

Applebee’s Beef Bacon Cheese Burger

The toughest food critic in the office, our Head of Growth, Khalili, is very hard to please. But he has a soft spot for the Beef Bacon Cheese Burger from Applebee’s. Khalili is a burger-lover so we know to trust him when he says he likes one! This burger is topped with smoked beef bacon bits, melted cheese, and a soft brioche bun. Why wait for the weekend to dig in when you can have this for lunch on a weekday?

Beef Bacon Cheese Burger from Applebee's

California Pizza Kitchen’s Penne Arrabbiata

Next up, we asked our Head of Sales, Scott, what his top dish is. Unsurprisingly as the resident “pasta Connoisseur” he opted for a pasta dish. The Penne Arrabbiata & Roasted Veggies from California Pizza Kitchen was the winner for him. He explained that it fulfilled all of the criteria for the perfect pasta dish; penne pasta makes it easy to eat, the Arrabbiata is perfectly zesty and full of flavor, and the side of veggies counts as one of your five a day!

Penne Arrabbiata & Roasted Veggies from California Pizza Kitchen.

Richy’s Earthy Lentil Salad

Gaya a devout vegetarian, and our Catering Manager choose the Earthy Lentil Salad from Richy’s as her top lunchtime dish. This salad stands out from the rest because the lentil base makes it heartier and more filling than a lot of other salad dishes. And not only does it have lentils, it is also packed full of veggies like portobello mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, and carrots! This makes it great for all of the vegetarians (and vegans) out there!

Earthy Lentil Salad from Richy's

Tossed’s Chipotle Chicken Wrap

Our Business Analyst, Jatin, broke down and analyzed why the Chipotle Chicken Wrap from Tossed is his favorite meal. The Chipotle Chicken Wrap, according to Jatin, dispels the myth of the flavorless wrap full of wet lettuce and dry chicken. The juicy chicken pieces, fresh avocado slices, and generous helping of cheddar cheese sets this wrap above the rest. Oh, and as a bonus, you get a bag of tortilla chips and tomato dip! You won’t be able to go back to the sad soggy sandwich after you try this wrap.  

Chipotle Chicken Wrap from Tossed.

Bert’s Cafe’s Thai Chicken Curry

Our General Manager, Laurent, loves Bert’s Cafe’s Thai Chicken Curry. He has traveled around the globe and has lived in several different countries so he isn’t a stranger to cuisines with a little spice. This Thai Chicken Curry is also perfect for when you’re craving something a little heartier than a salad but lighter than a burger or pasta. If you’re looking for something to spice up lunch, this is for you!

Thai Chicken Curry from Bert's Cafe.

We’re drooling just thinking about these dishes. This was not an easy one for our team to answer (and everyone struggled to pick just one). We can’t wait to hear what the rest of the team picks! What are your team member’s favorite lunchtime meals in Dubai? Let us know in the comments!

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