LUNCH:ON’s Environmental Impact

LUNCH:ON's Environmental Impact

Have you ever thought about the impact ordering food from delivery services has on the environment? We have, and we know food delivery, as it currently stands, is not super eco-friendly. LUNCH:ON, however, changes the experience of food delivery for both the customer and the environment. We have reinvented food delivery in order to both provide you with the best service at the most affordable price but also to protect the planet we live on. If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem – as the saying goes. We wanted to give you a visual representation of how LUNCH:ON makes ordering your lunches at work a seamless experience while also being significantly eco-friendlier than other food delivery services. There are three main ways LUNCH:ON helps to improve the impact on food delivery for the environment. After all, we only have one planet, we need to look after it.

Infographic designed with facts about MUNCH:ON's economic impact verses other delivery services

With over 3.4 million vehicles on the road in the UAE, according to Global Status’ 2018 report, it is important for businesses like ours to make sure we are not exacerbating problems in the environment and instead are working out ways in which we can be part of the solution. As the above infographic shows, we reduce the number of vehicles on the road, therefore, helping in reducing the impact food delivery has on our environment. Your meal will have a much smaller carbon footprint if you order from LUNCH:ON versus other delivery services. We also expect the number of customers who opt-out of receiving plastic cutlery to grow and will continue being advocates for reducing plastic waste.

We are always trying to find new ways to make our service the most effective for you and the most sustainable for the environment. We would love to hear your ideas to make our service even more eco-friendly. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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