Top Immune-Boosting Foods: Part 2

Immune Boosting Foods

It’s tempting to binge eat everything in your kitchen when you’re working from home. But to keep you going through your home office period, you should be getting the right nutrients your body needs to stay fighting fit & healthy, especially in our current situation. There is some evidence that suggests deficiencies in certain nutrients can lead to a weaker immune system. To boost it up, you can make sure your diet consists of the foods that have these vitamins, in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle (quit smoking & go for a run every now and then!) But what should you be eating to help boost your immune system? We’re going to tell you right now. Check out our list below (and if you haven’t already read part 1, you can catch up here):

1. Broccoli

Now we know not everyone loves broccoli (and children have a particular aversion to it) but there is no denying it is great for you in more ways than one. Like, did you know one cup of broccoli provides as much Vitamin C as an orange? Not only does it contain vitamin C, but it’s also a great source of vitamin A & E, and is also a source of the antioxidant glutathione. Now that’s what we call a superfood!

Broccoli in a colander .

2. Mushrooms

You don’t need magic mushrooms to get a boost, you just need your basic button mushroom! Mushrooms contain the mineral selenium and B vitamins, which all promote a strong immune system. Plus, they taste great with pretty much anything. Win-win.

Button mushrooms

3. Spinach

I’m sure your parents told you to eat your spinach to keep you strong (like Popeye), and they were not wrong! Spinach is not just your average green leaf, it’s got high content levels of folate and vitamin A & C which puts it above the rest! To top it off, it’s also a great source of fiber and iron. (Don’t forget to thank your parents).

Spinach in a bowl on a grey background

4.Sweet potato

Great for your skin and great for your immune system, who would have thought! Sweet potato has a high level of vitamin A which is great for your complexion (and much cheaper than buying those fancy face serums) as well as boosts your immunity. It’s also great for your waist-line, as a lower calorie carb option.

sweet potato fries on a board

5.Miso soup

Japan has been reaping the benefits of Miso soup for centuries, and it’s time you got in on the action! Miso is made from fermented soybeans and is a great source of the good bacteria, probiotics (think of the bacteria you find in natural yogurts). There are many benefits to slurping on some Miso soup before you dig into your tempura, and boosting your immune system is just one of them!

tempura in a bowl next to a bowl of miso soup. Chopsticks on the side.

Don’t feel like you have to sit there eating a sad spinach leaf and a piece of broccoli all by itself to be healthy. There are so many delicious, healthy, and price-efficient dishes out there to munch on that include these ingredients and many more that are great for you too. If you’re looking for healthy options (that won’t break the bank) check out our LUNCH:ON menu. Did you know we’ve started home deliveries too? Yup, that’s right you can get your meals delivered to your house now for those of you working from home! Treat yourself to a cookie every now and then, but make sure you’re eating real meals, getting all your vitamins in, and feeding your brain too!

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