Home Office: ON

Working from home is a double-edged sword. It can mean freedom to ditch the stiff shirts & frilly blouses and sit with your laptop & cat on the sofa (ah, bliss), but it also can be lonely, no matter how much you chat with your cat. Our team at LUNCH:ON is currently working remotely, and what’s been keeping us going throughout the day, aside from constant Zoom calls & our drive to serve you, is music! We reached out to our team members to see what they’ve been grooving to, so you can groove to it too. Here’s our aptly titled playlist, Home Office :ON for you to listen too!

Spotify playlist, Home office: ON

We may not be together, but we can all jam to the same playlists! A good way to bond with your team members is to share music, so why not create your own team playlist and see what everyone you’re working with, from a distance, is listening to! Give our playlist a listen (and a follow if you like it!) and share with us what you’re listening to!

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