How to Go Out Without Going Out

How to go out without going out

We’re all missing things we were able to go out and do pre-Coronavirus. So we put together a list of things you might be missing and provided you with ways to recreate those experiences in the safety of your own home! Can’t go to the cinema? Make your own virtual cinema. Missing your dose of art? Take a virtual tour of the galleries in the UAE & beyond. Check out our list of ways you can at least get a taste of the things you miss, while still staying safe at home.

1. Cinema Trips

Sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers, all watching a giant screen while munching on some popcorn has a certain charm we didn’t realize we’d miss so much. You may not be able to go to the cinema but you can recreate the feeling of going to the cinema. There are several apps out there that let you watch streaming services, like Netflix, at the same time as your friends. So turn off all the lights, turn up the volume, grab a bowl of popcorn, and set up a virtual movie night with your friends.

Empty red cinema chairs.

2. Going to the Beach

The weather is getting warmer and the beach is calling your name. While you can’t go to the beach you can make the beach come to you. Now, hear us out. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or a balcony, get out your beach gear, sun loungers, sun umbrellas, coolers, and make your own beach. Don’t have an outdoor space? Turn off the AC and make it in your living room! This is made significantly more fun with a good BBQ, an iced drink of your choice, and a wave soundtrack

Sun setting on a beach

3. Eating at a Restaurant

We love ordering in (we are a food delivery service after all), but we also love eating at restaurants every now and again. Now that restaurants are delivery only, we’re missing the dine-in experience. Fear not. You can recreate it in your own home. Order your favorite meal (preferably on LUNCH:ON), get out your best china, set the table, light some candles, and put on some background music (matched to the cuisine you ordered). When your order arrives, serve it up like you’re a Michelin star chef and sit at the table and enjoy your meal as if you were in a restaurant!

Dishes of food laid out on a marble table.

4. Visiting Art Galleries

March and April are the height of the art social calendar in the UAE. For good reasons, all of the art events have been canceled and galleries have closed their doors in accordance with social distancing rules. But that doesn’t mean you can’t visit the galleries virtually! Many galleries and art hubs across the UAE like the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Alserkal Avenue in Dubai have gone online with incredible virtual tours. You can even venture further afield, with galleries and museums across the globe offering free virtual tours of their exhibitions (check out The MET in New York, for example). Take advantage of these free tours while you can and travel the world while you’re at it!

People looking at art in a gallery.

5. Traveling

Travelling, for obvious reasons, is strictly off-limits. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your next adventure! Set a tentative date in the future and start thinking about where you want to go, and what you want to do. We suggest writing a list of places, working out budgets, and writing an itinerary of activities you want to do. This way when you are able to travel again you’ll have everything ready, you’ll just need to pack your suitcase. 

Globe on a side table.

6. Seeing Family & Friends

This is a no brainer. We all miss seeing our family, hanging out with our friends, and generally having human interaction. We’re sure you’re aware but there are a whole host of video conferencing services that can help you stay connected while keeping you all safe. You don’t have to cancel your coffee date with your friends, just have it virtually in the comfort of your own home (wearing your comfiest pj’s). Think of the positives, you’re saving the 20 AED you’d have spent on a very average americano. Make sure you’re reaching out to your friends, family, and colleagues, we all need a little more communication these days.

Man video calling.

You may not be able to do all the things you used to pre-Coronavirus but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate some of the same experiences in your own home! We’d love to hear how you’ve been adjusting to being at home and ways you’ve found to go out without going out.

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