How to Become a Food Blogger

how to become a food blogger

Are you ‘that’ friend that is always taking photos of their food, the one everyone comes to for restaurant recommendations, and the one who knows the hottest food trends well before they’ve become Instagrammed to death? Then you may want to consider writing your knowledge down and sharing it in a blog! We know creating a blog is not super simple, especially if you’re not technologically savvy, so we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to give you a helping hand! Plus, we’ve added some of our fave food bloggers to give you some inspiration too.

The techy stuff:

1. Buy a domain name

Don’t panic, it’s not expensive to buy a domain name. There are multiple websites you can buy them from with different deals but you should be able to get one for around 80 AED for the year. Top tip, make sure your blog name and domain name match. It will be helpful later with SEO! See how Wheremyfoodat has the same Instagram name, domain name, and blog name? That’s what you need to do too!

2. Choose a web host

This is a scary sounding but easy step. You just need to choose a web host plan that works for you. We recommend starting with a basic plan, and upgrading later if you need to. Think about choosing a plan that already has WordPress integrated into it, it will make the next step even easier.

3. Get building

This is where it gets a little techier. But it’s not as complicated as it sounds! An easy way to do this is to use WordPress. WordPress is a platform that allows you to design what your blog looks like and post content easily onto your page. Once WordPress is installed follow the guided set-up and then you can start to work on making it look as good as your favorite food! You can hire someone to do this part for you if you’re willing to pay or you can try it yourself and spend a little time learning the basics and soon you’ll be on a roll.

Then you need to think about:

1. Making your page user friendly

Choose a theme that is clean and easy to navigate, there are millions out there – lots of free ones too. The more fluff there is on the page the harder it will be for your reader to find what they are looking for. Take a look at to see a great example of a beautiful, clean, and easy to navigate food blog!

2. Keep the content coming

Posting original content frequently is important both to keep your readers engaged and coming back but also to help maximize your SEO. If you don’t know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), don’t worry, there are lots of guides out there to help you, but at its most simple it’s about having a website with repeated keywords related to what people search for when looking for content like yours, reliable backlinks, and fast-loading content. Check out for some content inspiration (not to mention amazing photography skills!)

3. Comments, shares, and links 

If you want more people to see your blog you need people to engage with it. Basically, you need readers to get readers, but that’s where sharing, commenting, and links come in to save the day! Post clear links to your site on your social media account, and get friends, family, and your foodie community to share, comment, and like it. A good tip is to reach out to other food bloggers in the community and comment, link, and share each other’s work. Check out to see how her blog enables easy comments on posts and check out her Instagram page to see how she uses social media to promote her blog content.

If you don’t want to go down the traditional blog route you can also use social media to document your foodie insights and adventures. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook are all great places to store and share your food content too! Let us know if you have any questions or if you have more tips to add. We’d love to hear your thoughts and read your foodie blogs when you make them!

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