6 GIFs That Show the Emotional Journey of Ordering Food

Ordering food online

When it comes to ordering food online it can be both a joy & a nightmare. We put together some GIFs we thought encapsulated the emotional journey of ordering food on some other food ordering sites. Our aim at MUNCH:ON is to make your food ordering and delivery process as smooth and seamless as possible, so you don’t end up like this:

1. Ordering when you’re hangry

We’ve all been there. But with MUNCH:ON you can avoid getting to this stage (and potentially making unhealthy ordering choices) by ordering before your stomach starts growling, or better yet, ordering for the week in advance! That way you make smart choices & don’t end up having a pre-lunch or dinner chocolate bar.

2. Endless scrolling

You can spend hours (no exaggeration!) scrolling through some food apps and still end up ordering the same meal you always do. We give you a curated menu based on ordering preferences in your area with 3-5 restaurants to choose from for both lunch & dinner. That way you don’t have to scroll & there will almost always be something you like. It’s also a great way to find new restaurants and test out new dishes.

3. Breaking your budget

Getting to check out and seeing a hefty delivery fee is a mood-killer as well as a budget-breaker. With MUNCH:ON you’ll never pay delivery fees & if you are a PRO member all your lunches will always be 25 AED (and sometimes even lower!). Dinner is also always set at 29 AED with no delivery fees, so you can plan out your budget & order without fear of those sneaky extra charges.

4. Waiting…

If you ordered when you were already hungry, waiting for your food to arrive can be agonizing. MUNCH:ON has a delivery window for lunch & dinner so you know your meals will always arrive between 12:30 & 1PM for lunch and 7:30 & 8PM for dinner. The waits a little easier when you order before your hungry and you know when it will arrive!

5. The phone call

“Where is your location?” Despite having your delivery location accurately entered it seems inevitable that this call will still come. MUNCH:ON doesn’t give out your mobile number to the drivers. We make sure they know the location and drop-off point of each delivery so you can rest assured your food will arrive without you having to direct it. You’ll get a push or SMS to let you know when your food has arrived so you can pick it up when you please!

You could avoid all of the above by just ordering through MUNCH:ON and make your life a lot easier and your wallet happier too!

*6. Ordering with MUNCH:ON

Try it for yourself and see just how easy it is!

Your dedicated food friend. Delivering you the UAE’s best food at a fraction of the cost. No minimums, tips, or delivery fees. Now also delivering groceries & meal kits!

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