Travel Through Food

Travel Through Food

The UAE has opened up some air travel, but with countries across the world still battling Covid-19, travel for tourism is expected to be at an all-time low this summer. A staycation might be the new normal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel through your food! You don’t even have to leave your couch, simply order any of these meals through MUNCH:ON for a trip you & your taste buds won’t forget!

1. Japan

Dreaming of wandering around Tokyo’s streets & grabbing a bite to eat? You can get a taste of the city with Sushi from Yo! Sushi or one of Wagamama’s famous dishes on MUNCH:ON. We recommend the Chicken Teriyaki Don Buri or the Chicken Katsu Curry. Get ready to practice your chopstick skills!


2. USA

As the country navigates some tumultuous times, it’s advisable to taste their mouth-watering cuisine from your dining table this summer. The American BBQ is a summer staple, so order one of DineBest’s burger dishes & tuck into the American dream!


3. Italy 

If you’re craving the fabulous carbs of Italy– pizza & pasta –we’ve got you covered. Order a classic margarita pizza from Rossovivo or dig into spaghetti carbonara from Pizzaro. Carbs don’t count when you’re on holiday, right?


4. India 

Take a trip to Southeast Asia with Khana Sutra’s Chicken Thali, which even comes with a sweet Indian dessert! Or, if Thali isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with a classic Biryani served with raita. Oh, and yes, that also comes with dessert! Food coma, incoming!

Chicken Thali and naan

5. Pacific Rim 

What wouldn’t we give to be on a beach in Hawaii right now… but we’ll take the second-best option & dig into a Poke Bowls instead. You’ll find Poke Man, Poke & Co, and more on our menus! Don’t worry, we have Poke Bowls for only 25 AED on PRO so it won’t break the bank either. 

Poke Bowl

6. Mexico

If visiting Mexico is on your 2020 travel list ordering from Tortilla is your next best option! We also have their 5-person sharing platter on MUNCH:ON so you & your family can all take the trip together.

burrito's on a wooden table.

7. Lebanon 

If you had planned to hop over to one of the nearby Arab countries this summer, you can make the trip with your next meal. Fancy a trip to Lebanon? Order one of the many dishes from Ala Kayfak, Mantoushe, Yalla Shawarma or Allo Beirut and be transported to Beirut. 

Beef shawarma

Stay safe & eat well this summer with your favorite meals from a variety of different cuisines delivered to you from MUNCH:ON, to your home or to your office!

Your dedicated food friend. Delivering you the UAE’s best food at a fraction of the cost. No minimums, tips, or delivery fees. Now also delivering groceries!

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