2020 Food Trends Re-Examined

food trends

Now we’re midway through 2020, as crazy as that sounds, we’re taking a look back at our food predictions for the year. When we predicted the food trends for 2020 back in January no one could have guessed the subsequent global pandemic that shook up the world and it’s food choices with it. Let’s see how our predictions have fared so far:

1. Korean Food

We predicted that Korean food would be the breakout cuisine this year as it started to gain momentum in the UAE towards the end of 2019. Sadly, Asian food, in general, has taken a particularly bad hit due to the Coronavirus having started in the continent. We hope to see this delicious cuisine, and others from the continent, make a comeback soon though.

Korean food on wooden table

2. Veganism & Vegetarianism

This prediction seems to hold true. Whether it’s for health reasons or ethical reasons, it looks like Veganism & Vegetarianism have been taking hold in the UAE in 2020. This could be due to fears of Coronavirus potentially having started in a wet market where meat is kept (although, we’re still waiting to hear more on this from the WHO). Health is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now, and so a switch in diet to one that includes more immune-boosting nutrients, such as those found in fruit & veg, is gaining even more momentum.

Salad full of vegetables on wooden table

3. Cauliflower 

The hype behind cauliflower carb alternatives, like cauliflower rice, hasn’t really taken hold this year. While the Keto diet, and others like it, are still popular, a focus on getting back to basics with health and nutrition seem to override new fad-like dishes. As we’ve seen more people cooking instead of ordering, a focus on fresh fruit & veg looks to take over, so there is still hope for the humble Cauliflower to make its mark this year – just as itself, not pretending to be rice or pizza! 

4. Ethical Eating

There is still an appetite for ethical eating and consciousness about plastic waste, however, with consumers more conscious than ever about germs many restaurants and food companies have begun using more plastic wrapping and double bagging in order to keep the food protected during the delivery process. Additionally, even in dine-in settings, plastic cutlery and plastic cups are the new norm for many, to reduce the risk of spreading germs. It looks like health worries at the moment have overridden the call for sustainability, but we hope this trend will pick up momentum again as we find more sustainable solutions to this problem.

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What do you think will be the biggest food trends of 2020 as we head into the second half of the year? Let us know in the comments below!  

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