3 Instagram Food Trends You Need to Try

Instagram food trends

No plans for the weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got something to keep your hands busy & your social media accounts active. What better way to spend your time than cooking up some fun and easy treats that are not only delicious but also Insta-worthy! Here are some of our favorite Instagram/Tik Tok food trends for you to have a go at.

1. Mug Cake 

This is a classic Instagram food trend for a reason, it’s easy and delicious. There are so many variations of this one, but nothing beats the easiest and tastiest, in our opinion — Oreo milk mug cake.

You’ll Need:

  • – 4 tablespoons milk (add more for a runnier consistency) 
  • – 4 Oreos 
  • – [optional] ¼ teaspoon baking powder


Crush your Oreos until all the lumps have gone and place in a microwave-safe mug. Then add the milk and baking powder (for a fluffier consistency). Mix well and place in the microwave for 90 seconds. Now you’ve got a cake in a mug!

chocolate mug cake

2. Pancake Cereal

This one takes a little more effort, but it’s definitely worth it. At the beginning of the lockdown, people started to get creative with their weekend breakfast, and so the pancake cereal was born. Yes, it’s literally mini pancakes in a bowl… what more could you want!?

You’ll Need:

  • – Pancake batter (whatever your go-to pancake mix is will work! Check out this one for inspiration) 
  • – A piping bag (don’t worry, this is easy to make with a zip lock bag!)


Whip up your fave pancake mix. Prepare your piping bag and then fill with your pancake batter. Heat up your pan and pipe out as many blobs of batter as you can fit! Cook until golden on each side. Pile in a bowl and top with your favorite pancake toppings, or go wild and try them with milk too!

3. Dalgona Coffee

If you haven’t seen this trend yet, you’ve been living under a rock. The Dalgona coffee originated in Korea, but it made its way around the world when social media users started showing how easy it was to make cafe-quality coffee at home during the lockdown.

You’ll Need:

  • – 2 tablespoons instant coffee
  • – 2 tablespoons warm water 
  • – Something to whisk with (this can be a fork, an electric mixer, or a whisk – whatever you have handy) 
  • – Milk of your choice


Throw in all the above ingredients in a mug or bowl and whisk until you have a fluffy creamy consistency! It can take a good 10 minutes to get to this stage if you’re doing it by hand so don’t give up too soon. Then add milk of your choice and voila!

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