5 Foods to Boost Your Mood

Food to boost your mood

In the depth of the UAE summer with little to no options to escape the desert heat, it’s safe to say your mood might take a hit. We’ve all been there, but there are many ways you can get yourself out of your rut, such as making sure you’re drinking enough water and getting some fresh air (even if that means a nighttime stroll once the sun has gone down). Our favorite, and the most fun we think, is eating the right mood-boosting foods. We’ve made a list of our top 5 foods that will help switch up your mood.

1. Salmon

Foods rich in Omega-3, like salmon, are great for giving you a mood boost. A number of studies have found that a lack of fatty acids, like omega-3, are linked to depression and other mental health issues. There’s no better reason to order some salmon sushi for lunch today (a steal at only 25 AED on MUNCH:ON) and enjoy free delivery and a hit of omega-3!

Salmon sushi platter with chopsticks.

2. Avocados

Although often written-off as overhyped (*cough cough* millennials) or associated with fad diets the avocado is actually a superfood, especially when it comes to increasing your mood. Avocados are full of vitamin B folate which can increase the serotonin levels in your brain making you feel happier! It also doesn’t hurt that an arty avo picture could get you a few likes on Instagram too. You can find avocado in a whole range of dishes on MUNCH:ON, whether its poke, salad, or Mexican.

Salad with avocado in a white bowl.

3. Lentils 

Another food high in B vitamins, like avocados, are lentils. They also have the added benefits of fiber and plant-based protein giving you a boost of energy, helping your digestion, while also feeding your brain happy serotonin! What more could you want?

Green bowl with lentil salad and herbs.

4. Bananas

Bananas are great for sustaining energy throughout the day. There’s nothing more likely to make you feel tired and irritable than a sudden sugar drop. Due to the fiber in banana’s the sugar is released slowly keeping your blood sugar level steady, avoiding any of those post-lunch slumps. Oh, and they also are a great source of vitamin B! Running low on fruit & veg? Order our essential fruit and veg box on MUNCH:ON!

Banana on a white background.

5. Pasta

Pasta, and carbs in general, are not the devil, we promise. Despite their bad reputation carbs are great for a variety of reasons, including boosting your mood! Not only does digging into a bowl of pasta make you happy because who doesn’t love pasta? But it is also great for boosting selenium levels which some experts believe helps produce a good mood. Why not dig into pasta for dinner tonight for only 29 AED with MUNCH:ON (and free delivery)!

Pesto pasta in a white bowl with tomatoes.

Bad moods happen, but they can be helped or even avoided by having a balanced and nutritious diet! What are your favorite mood-boosting tricks? Let us know in the comments below. 

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