Top shows for food lovers on Netflix

Top show for food lovers on Netflix

If you’re bored of flicking through the endless shows on Netflix, we’re here to help. For the foodie’s with access to a Netflix account, we have some mouthwatering suggestions for you. Get ready to laugh, cry, and crave absolutely everything you see on your screen! 

(Top tip: order MUNCH:ON before watching so you can munch while you watch!)

Chef’s Table

This US docu-series delves deep into the history, childhood, and culture of world-renowned chefs. From monks in the mountains to tough Russian chefs, every meal has a story involving the experiences & sometimes heartbreaking stories that yielded such passion and expertise. It’s like each episode is a great novel.

Man in professional kitchen

Ugly Delicious

For the curious foodies out there, Ugly Delicious will have you glued to your screen. Top chef, David Chang, leads viewers on a cross-cultural journey trying different foods, like Japanese pizza, and uncovers the stories behind these dishes and what helped shape them. David delves into the cultural, social & political impact of places and their histories, which have shaped the food produced. You’re sure to learn something new in each episode!

Platter of different food

Crazy Delicious

Crazy Delicious, not to be confused with the above Ugly Delicious, is a light-hearted cooking competition where amateur chefs compete to reinvent classics, in the wildest ways they can, to win the ‘Golden Apple’. Watching this is like taking a trip into a fairytale land, so it’s a great choice if the kids are around!

mushroom in a forest

Sugar Rush

This one is for those of you with a sweet tooth! This high intensity, high sugar content, competition is all about dessert. Contestants compete against the clock, and each other, to bake the most show-stopping sweet treats.  Be prepared to have some serious sugar cravings after watching this.

line of cupcakes

Street Food

We may not be able to travel as freely anymore, but we can still learn about different food cultures! Currently, there are two Street Food series, one focusing on street food across Latin America and the other across Asia. Go on a foodie adventure from your couch, and experience some of the world’s best street food! (We’re waiting for them to do one in the Middle East so Dubai’s, and the rest of the UAE’s, food scene can be featured).

street food

Somebody Feed Phil

Watching this show is like hanging out with your best friend. Phil, the host, gives a truly sincere (& often witty) reaction to the food he tries. You’ll find yourself chuckling throughout the entire episode as you follow Phil on his foodie journey. This heartwarming show is what we all need a little more of right now.

platter of dishes

Sometimes we need a break from cooking and the kitchen so we can watch our favorite cooking shows! Order in & sit back and relax with your fave meals & some foodie TV. What are you watching at the moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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