What start-up character are you?

what startup character are you?

We know a thing or two about start-ups, seeing as we are one! Working at a startup requires certain skill sets and attracts different personalities. We thought it’d be fun to list out 5 of the characters you often find in startups so you can see which one you, or your colleagues, think you are! 

1. The free spirit

This is the creative guy/gal in the office, who often isn’t wearing shoes, and comes up with wacky ideas that seem to work (sometimes…). You’ll find this person roaming around the office sipping artisanal tea and brainstorming the next big idea for the company.

2. The data digger

Numbers are life. At least for the data digger in the team. You’ll find this person sitting at their desk with a minimum of 3 screens making tables and graphs. Their favorite line, “let’s make a quick pivot table.”

3. The 24/7-er

Do they sleep in the office? We’re honestly not sure seeing as they’re always there first and are last to leave. This person lives and breathes the business (literally). They’ll often have at least 3 cups of coffee before 9am hits and knows just about everything that’s happening in the company at any given moment.

4. The visionary

Every startup needs this person. They can see past the day-to-day startup grind and into the future. These are the ones who are always looking at the “big picture” often giving dramatic speeches during team meetings (and at the water cooler) about the potential of the company or product. This person can be found sending inspirational messages on the group chat.

5. The penny pincher 

You’ll find this person questioning the spending habits of the teams in the office. These people don’t do fluffy conversations, they just want the cold hard facts. They’re easy to spot as they’ll be wearing a shirt, even though everyone else in the office is in a t-shirt. No matter how much you cry, this person won’t increase your budget, and they’re not sorry about it.

These are just a few of the types of people you can find in a startup! Which one do you think you are? If you don’t see yourself or your team members leave us a comment and let us know what we’re missing!

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