5 tips to ace your food photography

Top 5 photography tips

Whether you want to start a food blog or you just want to get better food pics for your Instagram, we’ve got a few simple tips you can follow. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get a great shot if you know these basic rules.

1. Natural light is your friend

Find your light. Fluorescent overhead lighting is not your friend when it comes to photography. The best way to get a good photo of your food is to shoot in natural light. Find a well-lit room or head to a spot of shade in the garden. You should avoid direct sunlight as it will create harsh shadows, reflections, and over-expose your image. Cloudy days or shaded areas are your best bet for naturally well-lit images. Still too bright? Use a piece of white paper as a reflector!

Glass teacup with a stack of brownies

2. Check your shadows

Shadows can make or break your image. Large dark shadows distract from the food and are a sign of poor lighting and angling choices. Saying that subtle shadows add depth and softness to your images. As mentioned above the light you shoot in will affect the shadow as will our next tip, angles.

A cup of coffee in a mint green teacup.

3. Angles make a difference

Depending on what food you’re shooting you’ll need to decide what angle best shows it off. Shooting from above works for most foods and it’s often easier to compose your image like this. But for foods like burgers, layered cakes, and drinks, shooting from the side is the best way to show off the food. You’ll need to think about the background (and shadows) in both of these cases too!

A person taking an iPhone photo of a meal from above.

4. Simplicity is key 

Neutral backgrounds with minimal props will have people hitting the ‘like’ button on your photo. The main focus should be the dish and loud or over-embellished backgrounds and props distract from it. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean plain, but keep it clean and simple – let the food do the work.

A stack of waffles on a white background.

5. Take a moment to compose

A great photo rarely just happens. It’s composed to optimize its visual appeal. While composing your photo you need to have a few things in mind. Firstly, follow the rule of thirds. Not heard of it? It’s basically where you divide up your image into a grid of thirds and place your subject– in this case your dish– in the intersecting points of the grid. These points are visually the most interesting. Secondly, don’t be afraid of space. Leaving space around your dish is far more interesting and gives a better sense of the dish than if the dish fills all of the frame. Lastly, if you’re using props, keep an odd number, for some reason our brains find these more interesting! 

a layout of food on a blue background.

The more photos you take the better you’ll get! Give it a try and send us your best MUNCH:ON meal pics & we’ll feature the best ones on our social channels. Got more tips? Leave them in the comments below! 

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