You know you work at a start-up when you hear…


If you’ve ever worked in a start-up we’re sure you’re used to hearing some of these phrases reverberate around the office. At MUNCH:ON you’re bound to hear at least one of these in every meeting or even in the pantry while you’re grabbing a cup of coffee. For those of you who might not be familiar with some of these phrases, we’ve made a little MUNCH:ON start-up glossary for you!

Low hanging fruit

Something that can be implemented quickly and easily to obtain greater growth/value without much effort.

Move the needle

Movement forward, e.g growth in sign-ups, orders, views, etc.


Without any concrete evidence or data but heard from others.

Large ticket items

Things that can potentially be changed or adapted to create change in the business, or in start-up terms “move the needle” (see what we did there?)

Top of mind

Emphasize the need to be remembered by customers. In other words, brand recall.

Quick hack

Something small or easy to implement, often in an unconventional way, that could be used to fix an issue or again, “move the needle”.

Stitch together

Find a way to make something work without all the necessary tools/equipment/time/ or money. This is a staple of startup life! 

If you were to use all of these in a few sentences it would sound a little like this: 

There are a few low hanging fruits and large ticket items that could help us move the needle. We can use this quick hack and stitch it together to keep top of mind. Anecdotally, I’ve heard this works quite well. 

We want to hear what phrases you and your colleagues use and what they mean. Let us know in the comments below or follow us on social and drop us a message!

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