Top 5 Trending Cuisines

What’s been trending on MUNCH:ON? Take a look at our most ordered cuisines over the last few months and see what people have been ordering during our new normal. 

Drum roll please… our top-selling cuisines, in no particular order, are:

1. Pacific Rim

The pacific rim is where the poke bowl originates from, which is what has propelled this cuisine to our top 5 list. With even a small bowl costing around 50+ AED on other platforms, it makes sense that our MUNCH:ON PRO customers love getting their favorite bowls for just 25-29 AED with free delivery!

Poke bowl on a white background

2. Japanese

Sushi is another firm favorite on MUNCH:ON. One particular ingredient, however, is winning out over the rest — salmon. This fishy favorite is the star ingredient in our sushi selection, far outperforming its tuna and veggie alternatives.

grid of 3 by 3 sushi on a white background.

3. Mediterranean

Healthy but substantial options, in general, have been trending on MUNCH:ON recently. Fluffy proteinless & carb-less salads are no longer the healthy option of choice, instead, people are opting for Mediterranean style dishes. Platters with grilled meats & fish and steamed veggies or mashed potatoes are the new favorite. Again, salmon is the star here too, winning out over chicken and beef. 

Plate of grilled vegetables on a wooden table.

4. Italian

Pasta is always a crowd-pleaser and it is still one of the most popular dishes to order on MUNCH:ON. In particular pasta dishes with mushrooms are the hottest commodities but lasagne is not far behind!

Bowl of mushroom pasta on a marble desk.

5. Middle Eastern

Since we’re in the Middle East it makes sense that Arab food tops the list. But it’s not the obvious kebabs or hummus that are tingling your tastebuds but instead the more home-style meals like tomato kofta and meat fattet!

close up of meat fattet on grey background.

We have over 300+ restaurants on MUNCH:ON with a variety of different cuisines. We love seeing what food you order the most frequently so we can make your menus even more tailored to your tastebuds! Let us know what your favorite dishes are in the comments below!

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