The Great Food Debates

food debates

If you’re a passionate foodie, we’re sure you have a few strong food-related opinions. We recently posted a couple of food debates on our Instagram page to see if people really felt strongly about things like how you cut a sandwich — turns out they do! So, we’ve listed 5 of the most common & controversial food debates that people have strong opinions about for you to use the next time you want to spark a food debate.

1. To fold or not to fold?

Depending on where you’re from, you probably have strong views on whether it’s acceptable to fold your pizza when eating it or not. Pizza, in general, is something foodies feel strongly about. Not only is folding a pizza slice a contentious issue but dipping it in ranch sauce or topping it with pineapple can spark outrage. And let’s not get started on whether deep pan pizza is really pizza or not…

2. Ketchup on the side or on top?

If you’re a ketchup lover then this one is sure to get you riled up. There are two types of Ketchup lovers: the ones who smoother ketchup all over their fries and then start eating or the ones who dip fries individually in the ketchup (placed on the side of the dish). And then there are those who hate even the thought of ketchup on their food!

3.Together or apart?

Everyone loves a bagel, but not everyone loves to eat it in the same way! Some opt for the “sandwich” approach while others opt to eat the two halves separately. Apparently, the latter approach avoids the spillage of cream cheese & provides the correct bagel to cheese ratio in each bite. The sandwich approach, however, is thought to be more practical for a breakfast on the go.

4. Diagonally or in half?

Similar to the bagel, the way we eat a sandwich is a debate worthy topic. Do you cut it in half so you have rectangular slices or diagonally to create triangles? Or do you like to be even more controversial and cut your sandwich into four square pieces…? Whatever way you cut it someone is going to have an opinion about it!

5.Twirl or cut?

Spaghetti is not the easiest thing to eat but there are two techniques people use to reduce the chances of splashing yourself (or others) while eating. You can twirl your pasta on your fork (using a spoon as an aid) or you can cut up your spaghetti into smaller bite-size pieces. Depending on what country you are in and even your age can affect whether people think what you are doing is rude or lacking in etiquette. Another reason to avoid spaghetti when on a date or business dinner! 

Want to let us know your opinions? Get in on the conversation on our Instagram page, we’ll be posting some of the above debates (and more) to get more foodie conversations flowing.

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