How to stay safe when eating in the office

how to stay safe while eating in the office

As more and more people head back to the office and cases start to rise again, it is more important than ever to be conscious and responsible about how and what you eat in the office. Don’t worry though, we’ve got 5 easy tips to help you stay healthy and full while you work.

1. Individual portions

If you provide office catering for your team, it’s time to switch to individualized options instead of traditional buffets and canteen food. At MUNCH:ON we offer a Perks program where you can subsidize your employee’s meals or membership to MUNCH:ON with a plan that suits you and your team. This way your employees still have access to great food but it’s packaged for individuals, getting rid of the need for shared utensils and reducing the contact food has with others. If your employer doesn’t subsidize your meals, we’ve got you covered with 55% off the restaurant price on your favorite meals with our PRO membership.

individual meals.

2. Bring your own cutlery & cups

Shared office mugs and utensils are a thing of the past (for now). Instead, bring in your own mug and utensils if you’re coming into the office. That way you reduce the risk of spreading germs while eating and drinking. Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy another mug!

Mug and laptop

3. Wash & sanitize your hands often

This is an obvious one, but it is also one of the most important ones. In the office you may be touching more communal objects than you normally would, so make sure you wash and sanitize your hands often to protect yourself as well as your colleagues.

hand sanitizer

4. Sanitize shared spaces

Shared spaces in your office may be closed but for those that are open make sure they are sanitized and cleaned often, especially before and after eating. Remember that places like water coolers will need sanitizing more often as they are frequently touched by multiple people. For extra precaution, you can wear disposable gloves when interacting with communal objects to minimize the risk.

cleaning spray

5. Keep your distance

The only time you should have your mask off while in the office is when you’re eating. This makes it even more important to maintain at least a 2m distance while you eat. You can still enjoy lunch with a couple of colleagues as long as you maintain a safe distance! 

woman working in office wearing a mask.

At least one positive of social distancing in the office is you don’t have to share your food anymore! What have you been doing to keep safe in the office? Let us know in the comments below? 

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